It’s Maple Sap Season!

Goodness is it cold in Southern Indiana! Multiple inches of snow, record lows, and negative degree wind chills have kept the wood stoves burning on Walker Farms.

Snowy Woods- February Post

[photo courtesy of Raymond Walker]

It’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago, Mother Nature was blessing us with 40-60 degree days and sunshine galore. While taking advantage of those warmer days, we had the opportunity to tap around 175 Maple trees on the farm, with anywhere from one to three taps per tree depending on the trunk diameter. When the weather is ideal (mild and sunny), a tree can produce up to 10 gallons of sap per day beginning in early February lasting to Mid-March.

When asking our Walker Farms Maple Syrup aficionado about the tapping process, he explained, “A 1/4 inch hole is drilled in different vertical and horizontal locations on the tree trunk. The sap drains through a plastic tube, which then releases into plastic bags. (See image below with a young farm hand.) In the golden days, they used brass tubes and wooden buckets but those materials proved to be pricey in the modern age and buckets often hosted unwanted bugs.” (Raymond Walker)

Sap Bags, Hunter Shinkle, Febraury Post

[Grandson Hunter Shinkle, Age 5, photo courtesy of Raymond Walker]

The quantity ratio of sap to maple syrup is 50 to 1, meaning it takes 50 gallons of maple sap to produce 1 gallon of Walker Farms Maple Syrup. Now that you know the full story, head over to the ‘Order’ tab and try some today! Not ready for the sugary goodness? That’s okay, order a Walker Farms Honey and we will send you a sample size Maple Syrup ‘on the farm’. Stay warm and Enjoy!

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